Michele Fremont naked in "La nymphomane des relaxings"


Name: La nymphomane des relaxings

Actress: Julia Perrin,Cathy Stewart,Michele Fremont,Daniele Danjou

Actors: Dominique Aveline,Carmelo Petix,Thierry de Brem,Jean-Louis Vattier

Categories: Michele Fremont naked, 1979, France, French, Julia Perrin, Cathy Stewart, Michele Fremont, Daniele Danjou, Dominique Aveline, Carmelo Petix, Thierry de Brem, Jean-Louis Vattier

Monique Bruno plays a blonde nymphomaniac married to straight-laced Thierry de Brem. She goes out at night dressed in a fur coat over nothing but stockings and seduces strange men. The only example we see is her having sex with Dominique Aveline on a train...

Year: 1979

Duration: 73 min

Language: French


Country: France

Michele Fremont naked in "La nymphomane des relaxings"

Thursday, December 10, 2015


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