Linda Lovelace nude in "Linda Lovelace for President"


Name: Linda Lovelace for President

An intentionally campy film designed to capitalize on Linda Lovelace's sudden fame following "Deep Throat", this film centers around Linda's fictional grass roots campaign to run for president. Touring the country with a rag-tag team of strange and wacky people, hilarity supposedly ensues at every stop.

Actress: Linda Lovelace,Joey Forman,Roberta Kent

Actors: Micky Dolenz,Danny Goldman,Val Bisoglio,Fuddle Bagley,Fetchuttini Alfredo,Monte Landis,Rod Arrants,Jack DeLeon,Morgan Upton,Kent Browne,Robert Burton,Garry Goodrow,V. Meader,S. Burton

Categories: Linda Lovelace nude, 1975, United States, English, Claudio Guzman, Linda Lovelace, Joey Forman, Roberta Kent, Micky Dolenz, Danny Goldman, Val Bisoglio, Fuddle Bagley, Fetchuttini Alfredo, Monte Landis, Rod Arrants, Jack DeLeon, Morgan Upton, Kent Browne, Robert Burton, Garry Goodrow, V. Meader, S. Burton, Softcore

Duration: 92 min

Country: United States

Language: English

Year: 1975

Director: Claudio Guzman

Linda Lovelace nude in "Linda Lovelace for President"

Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Linda Lovelace nude1975United StatesEnglishClaudio GuzmanLinda LovelaceJoey FormanRoberta KentMicky DolenzDanny GoldmanVal BisoglioFuddle BagleyFetchuttini AlfredoMonte LandisRod ArrantsJack DeLeonMorgan UptonKent BrowneRobert BurtonGarry GoodrowV. MeaderS. BurtonSoftcore

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