Julia Perrin naked in "Petites filles au bordel"


Name: Petites filles au bordel

Language: French

Year: 1980

Country: France

Duration: 78 min


Actors: Jean-Pierre Armand,Dominique Aveline,Hubert Geral,Michel de Nyokinos,Henry Darbac,Claude Frank,Santos Cartier,Tony Taylor

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Actress: Marilyn Jess,Julia Perrin,Cathy Stewart,Mandarine

Husband and wife, Albert and Lulu, run a brothel, Le Chat Rose, which is struggling financially. Albert and Lulu get a banker to give them a NoNoNoNo by letting him win the services of the girls at games of cards and think they can rejuvenate the brothel by bringing in their girl, Julie, who has been fostered out to a couple who pretend to be priest and nun. They defeat debt collectors by photographing them with Fifi .Julie is gradually initiated into the ways of the establishment while working as a maid alongside Rose , watching the stage shows they put on, e.g. Fifi working as a magicians assistant, and observing closely the goings on as her mum entertains a blind man, a blonde prostitute and an army lieutenant with Rose and a couple of soldiers, her dad and the manservant entertain a female client and her mum with another male client and a female. Julie puts on a show herself with Rose and two men, playing a virgin, and then her virginity is the prize in a poker game which the lieutenant wins.

Julia Perrin naked in "Petites filles au bordel"

Friday, February 17, 2017


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