Silvia Dumont videos - "Gozo Alucinante"


Name: Gozo Alucinante

Actress: Debora Muniz,Sandra Midori,Silvia Dumont,Sandra Yoko,Angelina Dumont,Cleuza Marques

Actors: Jaime Cardoso,Oswaldo Cirillo,John Doo,Dalmo Peres,Genesio de Carvalho

Categories: Silvia Dumont videos, 1985, Brazil, Portuguese, Jean Garrett, Debora Muniz, Sandra Midori, Silvia Dumont, Sandra Yoko, Angelina Dumont, Cleuza Marques, Jaime Cardoso, Oswaldo Cirillo, John Doo, Dalmo Peres, Genesio de Carvalho

From classy mansions to secluded villas with dirty strangers andhorny cult members, Debora Muniz stars as a lead actress in this Brazillian classic from the '80s. Taken from the comfort of home, Debora experiences stranger probing, gangbang and hard fucking in a movie filled with gorgeous chicks, strange looking sex toys and machines for fucking that change her into a complete and total slut.

Director: Jean Garrett

Country: Brazil

Duration: 90 min

Year: 1985

Language: Portuguese

Silvia Dumont videos - "Gozo Alucinante"

Sunday, November 15, 2015


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