Marilyn Jess sex in "Pensionnat tres special"


Name: Pensionnat tres special

Country: France


Year: 1979

Language: French

Duration: 81 min

Marilyn Jess plays a teenager discoverd by har aunt having sex with her boyfriend (Guy Royer) and sent off, for the correction of her wicked ways, to a house run by Monique Carrere with maid Brigitte Verbecq. Although they pretend to be strict, on her first night, Marilyn discovers Monique and Brigitte having lesbian sex and then joined by Robert Le Ray to make a threesome...

Actors: Guy Royer,Robert Le Ray

Categories: Marilyn Jess sex, 1979, France, French, Marilyn Jess, Brigitte Verbecq, Monique Carrere, Guy Royer, Robert Le Ray

Actress: Marilyn Jess,Brigitte Verbecq,Monique Carrere

Marilyn Jess sex in "Pensionnat tres special"

Friday, May 26, 2017


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