Tina Russell in Vintage interracial erotic film


Name: Madame Zenobia

A wild cult classic from legendary '70s porn director Eduardo Cemano! Marcia is a beautiful, sad young widow unable to find sexual gratification with Eric, her new fiancée, due to her continuous love affair with the "spirit" of her late husband. Eric protests that unless Marcia cuts off her relations with John, they will never be able to experience the ultimate sexual euphoria that soon-to-be newlyweds should. Eric takes Marcia to the cemetery, where she makes passionate love to John, which seemingly relieves her of her tensions and prepares her to give herself over completely to Eric. Despite rousing sex, the couple does not achieve mutual ecstasy, and Eric leaves for good - hopeless that Marcia can ever experience orgasmic union with a flesh and man.

Duration: 68 min

Director: Eduardo Cemano

Year: 1973

Country: United States

Language: English

Actress: Tina Russell,Andrea True,Elizabeth Donavan,Claudia Miro

Categories: Vintage interracial erotic film, Tina Russell, 1973, United States, English, Eduardo Cemano, Tina Russell, Andrea True, Elizabeth Donavan, Claudia Miro, Jamie Gillis, Levi Richards, Davey Jones, Frank Martin, Interracial, Black

Actors: Jamie Gillis,Levi Richards,Davey Jones,Frank Martin

Tina Russell in Vintage interracial erotic film

Wednesday, January 6, 2016


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