Sophie Guers pornstar - "La Petite Fille Au Bordel"


Name: La Petite Fille Au Bordel

Pastries is a comedy-farce, coupled with explicit sexual experiences designed for erotise excitement and pleasure. It is one of the biggest orgasmistic films ever made. At the last count, there were over 50 of them. Pastries is a motion picture with a cast of very beautiful people, all free of sexual inhibitions. They let it hang "up," as well as "out."

Year: 1980

Director: Francis Leroi

Language: French

Duration: 78 min

Country: France

Categories: Sophie Guers pornstar, 1980, France, French, Francis Leroi, Marilyn Jess, Julia Perrin, Cathy Stewart, Sophie Guers, Christine Lodes, Mandarine, Jean-Pierre Armand, Dominique Aveline, Cyril Val, Hubert Geral, Guy Bonnafoux, Henry Darbac, Claude Montal, Claude Frank, Santos Cartier, Gaston Meunier, Tony Taylor, Peter Von Inge

Actress: Marilyn Jess,Julia Perrin,Cathy Stewart,Sophie Guers,Christine Lodes,Mandarine

Actors: Jean-Pierre Armand,Dominique Aveline,Cyril Val,Hubert Geral,Guy Bonnafoux,Henry Darbac,Claude Montal,Claude Frank,Santos Cartier,Gaston Meunier,Tony Taylor,Peter Von Inge

Sophie Guers pornstar - "La Petite Fille Au Bordel"

Wednesday, January 6, 2016


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