Vintage 80th : "Lederhosenzauber"


Name: Lederhosenzauber

Categories: Vintage 80th, 1981, Germany, German, Alois Brummer, Dorle Buchner, Biggi Stenzhorn, Marita Juchen


Actress: Dorle Buchner,Biggi Stenzhorn,Marita Juchen

Language: German

Year: 1981

Duration: 85 min

Director: Alois Brummer

Country: Germany

Anton Lechner is the mayor of the small and peaceful Bavarian village Waldbrunn. Apart from failed plans to sell the seedy railway station to a group of investors everything seems to be all right. One day he gets a letter from the head of the district authority, Dr. Schr?der, who plans to suburbanize Waldbrunn because of its debts. During his visit he gets captivated by the soft brown eyes of B?rbel (Dorle Buchner - Lechners girl). While they have sex in his hotel room Lechner tries to get money from the local cooperative bank, but the nightly tunnel excavation fails and damages his own guest-house.

Vintage 80th : "Lederhosenzauber"

Sunday, June 18, 2017


Vintage 80th1981GermanyGermanAlois BrummerDorle BuchnerBiggi StenzhornMarita Juchen

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