Vintage hairy lesbian in "Kittens 3"


Name: Kittens 3

Beautiful women, pussy, and the pursuit of money combine in this kitten only fuck flick. One woman is caught with her panties down and her face covered in cum leaving her without a job. What is a hot babe to do...sell dildos of course. What ensues is a hot les licking fest with plenty of happy toys.

Categories: Vintage hairy lesbian, 1992, United States, English, B.J. Copperhead, Jaye Milo, Brittany Saks, Lynden Grey, Gia Lucci, Brandy Daniels, Alexis Ross, Lesbian


Actress: Jaye Milo,Brittany Saks,Lynden Grey,Gia Lucci,Brandy Daniels,Alexis Ross

Country: United States

Duration: 88 min

Year: 1992

Language: English

Director: B.J. Copperhead

Vintage hairy lesbian in "Kittens 3"

Thursday, February 22, 2018


Vintage hairy lesbian1992United StatesEnglishB.J. CopperheadJaye MiloBrittany SaksLynden GreyGia LucciBrandy DanielsAlexis RossLesbian

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