Nikki Hess pornstar - "The Medallion"


Name: The Medallion

Language: English

Duration: 60 min

Director: Frank Miller

Year: 1974

Country: United States

Actress: Nikki Hess

Actors: Skip James

Categories: Nikki Hess pornstar, 1974, United States, English, Frank Miller, Nikki Hess, Skip James

The Medallion concerns the somewhat less than serious machinations of a sex-obsessed college professor who initiates adoring coeds into the hermetic cult of Pan. His acolytes with a groovy magic medallion, the swinging prof soon collects a legion of longhaired cuties to cater to his every whim (toe sucking definitely included).

Nikki Hess pornstar - "The Medallion"

Tuesday, March 13, 2018


Nikki Hess pornstar1974United StatesEnglishFrank MillerNikki HessSkip James

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