Ali Moore nude - "If My M Only Knew"


Name: If My M Only Knew

Country: United States

Year: 1985

Language: English

Duration: 140 min

Director: Paul Vatelli

There must be some aphrodisiac in the water supply of this not-so-relaxy suburb as Amber Lynn and her carnal cohorts demonstrate how brazen and bawdy a bedroom community can be. Amber plays Hope - a young nympho who's in a not-so-subtle sexual competition with her promiscuous mom Honey Wilder. Who gets the last laugh (and the last lay!!!)? Just take a look into the lascivious eyes of Amber's lusty stepfather!

Actress: Amber Lynn,Honey Wilder,Ali Moore,Tess Ferre

Actors: Tom Byron,John Leslie,Hershel Savage

Categories: Ali Moore nude, 1985, United States, English, Paul Vatelli, Amber Lynn, Honey Wilder, Ali Moore, Tess Ferre, Tom Byron, John Leslie, Hershel Savage

Ali Moore nude - "If My M Only Knew"

Monday, March 19, 2018


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