Marianne Aubert sex : "Folies Anales"


Name: Folies Anales

Hot, horny hell breaks loose when three ace reporters get laid off from their newspaper jobs. The plan? Turn the last issue of the upscale daily into an outrageous scandal sheet! Nothing is too low or too nasty!From Mayor Braddock's throbbing undercover investigations to the lesbian lifestyles of sleazy socialites, front-page filth is the name of the game. The frantic freedom of the press will not be stopped... and friends, you're going to be glad of it!

Country: France

Language: French

Year: 1983

Director: Jean Rollin

Duration: 56 min

Categories: Marianne Aubert sex, 1983, France, French, Jean Rollin, Marianne Aubert, Beatrice Vidal


Actress: Marianne Aubert,Beatrice Vidal

Marianne Aubert sex : "Folies Anales"

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


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