Olivia Flores videos - "Je Te Suce Tu Me Suces"


Name: Je Te Suce Tu Me Suces

Categories: Olivia Flores videos, 1983, France, French, Jose Benazeraf, Cathy Menard, Marianne Aubert, Carole Pierac, Laura May, Olivia Flores, Michelle Villers, Sabina Karen, Cathy Dupre, Richard Lemieuvre, Gabriel Pontello

Actress: Cathy Menard,Marianne Aubert,Carole Pierac,Laura May,Olivia Flores,Michelle Villers,Sabina Karen,Cathy Dupre

Actors: Richard Lemieuvre,Gabriel Pontello

Duration: 56 min

Year: 1983

Country: France

Language: French

Director: Jose Benazeraf

Daily life in a country brothel, visit of a notary, of a minister (who confuses first the brothel with a nursery), a deputy, a priest and a rabbi. As often with Bénazéraf, jumps from 1 scene to another are not always logic, there is a scene partly repeated and the 2 last sex scenes looks as being added without link to the story.

Olivia Flores videos - "Je Te Suce Tu Me Suces"

Monday, July 9, 2018


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