70s sex films in "Noglehullet"


Name: Noglehullet

Dorte Jensen plays Lisa, Pers wife* Lene Andersen plays girl at massage parlour* Lisbeth Olsen plays a porn model* Marie Ekorre plays Mette, Pers girl and Sorens girlfriend, body double for hard-core inserts (close up only)* Pia Larsen plays Lone, Pers ary* XNK0836 second porn model* Bent Warburg plays Jens, Per's business partner* Torben Larsen plays Soren, photographer* Max Horn plays Per, a movie producer* unidentified male plays a porn modelMette's dad hires her boyfriend, Soren, to write a script for a porn movie. He wants it to be realistic.Soren discusses this with Mette, arguing that if realistic it would be boring

Language: French

Year: 1974

Duration: 79 min




Categories: 70s sex films, 1974, French


70s sex films in "Noglehullet"

Monday, August 20, 2018


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