Lina Romay in 70s sex films


Name: Shining Sex

Actors: Jesus Franco,Olivier Mathot,Pierre Taylou,Raymond Hardy,Claude Boisson,Simon Berger,Gerald Cazal

Actress: Lina Romay,Monica Swinn,Evelyne Scott,Madeleine Quiquandon,Nicole Guettard

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A science-fiction porn classic from the seventies, Shining Sex follows a stripper (Lina Romay) who gets turned into a sex friend by a couple of strange chicks in a long and beautiful lesbian scene. Lina is now capable of beating men she fucks with once they get their dicks inside her pussy. The story is quite wild and doesn't resolve until the very end, filled with scenes of passionate sex with some of the most beautiful teen actresses of their time.

Country: France

Duration: 81 min

Director: Jesus Franco

Year: 1975

Language: French

Lina Romay in 70s sex films

Saturday, February 20, 2016


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