Lady Antoinette sex - "Black Narcissis"


Name: Black Narcissis

There was a big party the night before. Antoinette's husband consented to let their old friend Jack spend the night. On the morning after, Antoinette is hurriedly getting ready to leave for work, when Jack unexpectedly propositions her. Needless to say, she is late for work! Sugar Ray came over to pump some iron with sexy Tina, what he didn't know was that Tina had another kind of pumping in mind. Ray had soon worked up a mighty sweat. F.M. is a private fitness trainer, who is hired by Jasmine for just that purpose. But when he gets there, he soon learns (happily) that the lady has a completely different manner of training in mind. In a surprise move, Jimmy's girl invited her friend Happy to relax over. But Jimmy had no idea that the biggest surprise would take place the next morning when Happy makes a move on him. This makes Jimmy happy as well!

Actors: F.M. Bradley,Jack Baker,Chet Langdon,Sugar Ray

Actress: Jasmine,Lady Antoinette,Happy,Tina

Categories: Lady Antoinette sex, 1993, United States, English, Ron Hightower, Jasmine, Lady Antoinette, Happy, Tina, F.M. Bradley, Jack Baker, Chet Langdon, Sugar Ray

Language: English

Director: Ron Hightower

Duration: 72 min

Country: United States

Year: 1993

Lady Antoinette sex - "Black Narcissis"

Tuesday, November 6, 2018


Lady Antoinette sex1993United StatesEnglishRon HightowerJasmineLady AntoinetteHappyTinaF.M. BradleyJack BakerChet LangdonSugar Ray

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