Classic french sex movies : "The Good Fucks"


Name: The Good Fucks

Actress: Diane Dubois,Morgane,Celine,Erika

Categories: Classic french sex movies, 1979, France, French, Burd Tranbaree, Diane Dubois, Morgane, Celine, Erika, Guy Royer, Jean Joel Charrier

Actors: Guy Royer,Jean Joel Charrier

Year: 1979

Director: Burd Tranbaree

Language: French

Country: France

Duration: 117 min

The good lays! You gotta know how to sniff them out, then pick them up. A masterly course on picking people up brilliantly taught by professor Claude Bernard-Aubert. But the one who makes the effort to net the game is always the one privileged enough to shoot it.

Classic french sex movies : "The Good Fucks"

Friday, March 15, 2019


Classic french sex movies1979FranceFrenchBurd TranbareeDiane DuboisMorganeCelineErikaGuy RoyerJean Joel Charrier

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