80s sex videos : "Fiction in Love"


Name: Fiction in Love

Country: France


Language: German

Year: 1980

Duration: 90 min

Categories: 80s sex videos, 1980, France, German, Barbara Moose, Brigitte Verbecq, Linda Dull, Guy Royer, Cyril Val, Guy Bonnafoux

Actress: Barbara Moose,Brigitte Verbecq,Linda Dull

Actors: Guy Royer,Cyril Val,Guy Bonnafoux

Papi is sick and tired of living in the country. He goes to Paris with the money he has stolen from his guy and girl-in-law. After he has payed a visit to a prostitute, he goes to Alains place (his grands) who gives him shelter for the night. Papis guy who fear that he might not inherit from his dad goes after him with his wife. Thanks to a pendullum they also go to Paris and check at Alains who tells them that he is unaware of Papis location. He then tells him to go to one of his female friends place. The guy and his wife ask for the help of a private detective who firt proceed to pay himself in kind with the wife. Papi who has found what real life is, decides to stay in Paris and get married. His guy and girl-in-law go back home disappointed.

80s sex videos : "Fiction in Love"

Monday, November 23, 2015


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