Jeannie Pepper naked : "Erotic Zones 2"


Name: Erotic Zones 2

Actors: Paul Thomas,Billy Dee,Jerry Butler,Craig Roberts,Nick Random,Jeff White

Actress: Jeannie Pepper,Tish Ambrose,Robin Cannes,Aurora Lee

Categories: Jeannie Pepper naked, 1985, United States, English, Paul Vatelli, Jeannie Pepper, Tish Ambrose, Robin Cannes, Aurora Lee, Paul Thomas, Billy Dee, Jerry Butler, Craig Roberts, Nick Random, Jeff White, Facial, Swallow, Black

Duration: 142 min

Language: English

Director: Paul Vatelli

Country: United States

Year: 1985

Erotic Zones 2 is an awesome vintage porn movie that consists of three exciting stories. The first one is about Old Will, a janitor in a Hollywood museum. Nobody pays attention to him, he's a typical little man, but one night everything changes. The wax figure of a beautiful actress come to life to perform a mind-blowing blowjob and have sex with Will right in the museum. The second story is about a writer who discovered an unbelievable talent: whatever he writes about happens to him in real life! So the writer starts describing passionate lovemaking with beautiful and insatiable hotties, experiencing all this for real... The third story is about a desperate runaway who found a magic ring in the street. After putting it on her finger she turned into a sophisticated and rich lady who is used to making all of her wishes come true, especially her wild sexual fantasies...

Jeannie Pepper naked : "Erotic Zones 2"

Sunday, May 29, 2016


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